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hang gliders, paragliders, paramotors & flying equipment for sale Last updated Tuesday 27th January 2015. (Latest ads appear at top of list)

paragliders for sale

Full rig: Niviuk Koyot 26" orange. Excellent condition. 75-95kg. DHV1 ENB ~70 Hours. Supair Access Airbag Harness. Sky Systems 90 Reserve. £1200 ono , telephone: 07960489724 , e-mail:

Ginbolero4 xs 55-75kg,9hrs immac apple all accesories,speed bar new£2299,will sell £1500.00 07786457337 , telephone: 07786457337 , e-mail:

Nova Ion 2 m EN-B 90-110kgs
orange yellow 30 hours very good condition ruck sack=concertina bag £1200 o.n.o, telephone: 07974001180,

Gin Bolero4 xsmall 55-75kg
9hrs. Gingo Airlite harness with reserve. Charly Insider helmet. All 2013. New would be £3400. £2300ono, telephone: 07714610990,

Airwave Sport medium VGC.
Supp harness and associated paragliding kit seeks good home. Price negotiable., telephone: 01989 750872,

2014 Ozone Buzz 4 Size SM.
Colour bright green/slate blue (brochure colours). 3 months use in warm dry. 35 hours. Concertina bag. £1,950. telephone: 07908 115112,

Nova ION2 100-130kg
ENB 2012 Orange 115hrs £895 Gin Basis Harness Large £345 Ozone Saucisse £28 Brauniger IQone Vario £120 Nova Rucksack £38 Skywalk Stuffsack £30 All ono WYorkshire, telephone: 07905 470143,

Advance Sigma 8, EN-C, 70-95kg,
70hrs, White/Bronze VGC, recent 'Loft' inspection, £900, telephone: 01258837250, e-mail storage/transport bag included. £800 ono., telephone: 07762 228464,

Niviuk Artik 2 90-110
bought brand new 2011. 70 hrs good condition. not used since July 2013. Comes with magic bag original bag, repair kit and speed bar. £600 , telephone: 07943801912 ,

Ozone Mojo 4, EN A, 95-115kg,
blue. Genuinely unused. £1950. Also Ozone Oxygen 2 Harness. Brand new. £400. And unused Gin One Res. £350. To sell separately or together. All ONO. Tel: 07875 25, telephone: 07875 251638,

Niviuk Hook3, size 25, 80-100kgs.
As new, 7 hrs only. Colour is 'Storm' - gunmetal, white and orange. Comes with unused bag, manual on USB stick, speed bar. £1850. Will consider sensible offers. , telephone: 07966 246717,

Ozone Geo III, Blue-White, EN B, LTF B, 85-105kg,
Just 19.5hrs. Not flown since service Oct 2013. Rucksack, inner bag, speed system, all there. £950 ono, telephone: 07584 657108, e-mail
hang gliders for sale

Avian Rio 15 perfect condition 20 hrs airtime max £1,500 harness & reserve available Nottingham Glen , telephone: 07946261250 , e-mail:

Airwave Magic IV, harness and reserve

seeks good home. , telephone: 01989750872,

paramotors, microlights and powered hang gliders

Air Creation Fun 18 SSDR or tug
Excellent condition with Rotax 503 DCDI motor. Would make ideal base for reconditioning HG tug or excellent SSDR tourer. Currently in France and flown regularly, but can deliver to UK. Price negotiable around 3000€ - can split wing / trike / motor and sell separately. Tel: +33 3 84 97 36 44 email
GTE rgb 01

Bailey V5 zero hours from new
Ozone Speedster 28 Wing (blue/silver) as new, never out of bag. All equipment never been used, would cost £8000 new. For Sale for £5000 ono , telephone: 07899892200 ,

Synthesis paramotor wing 80-110kg
Lovely wing barely flown. It's 5/6 years old but still in a very good condition. I didn't really take to paramotoring!, telephone: 0773 861 2662,

Parajet Zenith Thor 130 with Ozone Roadster wing
less than 16 hours flying complete with everything you need to go flying inc vario & reserve. £4800, telephone: 07967008864,

Kestrel power motor with canopy,
brand new ready to fly £2750 ovno, telephone: 0146030710,

Solar Wings Booster.
Red body. Pull start (no flat batteries!). Folding prop. Only 25 hours. Reliable engine. Very good condition. Solar storage/transport bag included. £800 ono., telephone: 07762 228464,

equipment for sale

Gingolairlite harness sml new £549.00 sell 350.00,Yeti Reserve 27, 60-80kgs new £449.00 sell 300.00,Charlie insider helmet bicolour blue xs 54cm new £160.00 sell £90.00 07 , telephone: 07786457337

Airworthiness status for hang gliders and paragliders

All advertisements displayed above for the sale of new or used HANG GLIDERS and PARAGLIDERS should carry one of the three following clearly legible statements or no statement at all:

1. HANG GLIDERS: BHPA, DHV, or HGMA Certification (depending on the certification authority) - In this case each model and size of glider advertised must have this certification.

2. PARAGLIDERS: DHV/EN/LTF/SHV Certification - The glider offered for sale has this certification and carries a verification label to that effect. The certification classification must be stated, e.g: EN A, Standard, LTF 1/2, etc.

3. Registered - The glider has been previously registered under the BHPA Airworthiness Scheme and carries a verification label to that effect. (A new owner must apply to re-register it with the BHPA office.)

No statement - In the no statement case for both hang gliders and paragliders, it is implicit that no certification exists or that no certification status information has been supplied.
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