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hang gliders, paragliders, paramotors & flying equipment for sale Last updated Monday 16th June 2014. (Latest ads appear at top of list)

paragliders for sale

Nova tattoo
DHV 2 medium 90-110kg. Very low airtime for the age. Checked and certificate from loft in October,not flown since then due to a new wing purchase. , telephone: 07724993888 , e-mail

2012 Ozone Rush 3 for sale.
Very clean glider in excellent condition. Just been tested by Aerofix - can email report. 50hrs, ENB, 70-90kg (small). The Rush is a well known glider and has been great. e-mail

GIN Bolero 4 XS
55-75kg 2013 Raspberry, 2-3hrs as new. Ideal first wing £1,900.00 also............ Reserve Gin Yeti Rescue 27 60-80 kg unused £350ono telephone: 08897938980 , e-mail

Gin Bolero 4 XS

Icaro Cyber 2 DHV1/2, M 80-105kgs, Red-White; Helmet L; Harness L with Reserve; 2 Stage Speedbar; <5 hours flying time. ALL BRAND NEW CONDITION - £1200.00 all in. , telephone: 07970294611 , e-mail

Advance Epsilon 7 - 23
EN-B. 60-95kgs. Colour Azure. 7 hours airtime perfect condition £1850 , tel: +33610634558, e-mail

Mojo 2 Paraglider in Medium,
DHV1, with only approximately 30 HRS flying time, no rips and in excellent crispy condition. I purchased this as a second owner from Peak District School, for doing my CP , telephone: 07746140246 , e-mail:

Independence Merlin 75-100KG
Gold <20hrs, harness, Helmet (large) with intercom, Brauniger vario, Skywatch Xplorer2 windy, ALL EXCELLENT CONDITION, £1000 all in , telephone: 07771567049 , e-mail

Peak-2 95-115Kg
EN D. A brilliant wing in perfect condition. Comes with Niviuk rucksack, concertina bag and a replacement upper line set. Tel : 07816 171616 , e-mail

Independence Merlin 75-100KG
DHV1 2007 <20hrs, ylw/blk/wht, Independence harness, Pro-design 120KG reserve, Hi-Tec Helmet Large inc. intercom, Brauniger vario, Skywatch Xplorer 2. All excellent condit , telephone: 07771 567049 , e-mail

Ozone Rush 2 ltf 1-2 large
100kg- 120g with brand new ozone oxygen2 harness full service by loft 2013 good intermediate canopy £750 ono East Sussex, telephone: 07500665141, e-mail

Advance Alpha 5 Size 26
(70-110kg) Colour Azur (Blue/Brown)- Immaculate with 40 Hours flown. Cheshire. £12500. TEL: 07896422043 E-MAIL

Alpha 5

Advance Epsilon 5 78-106 kg. £695 EN B. 55 hours. Excellent condition. Concertina bag. Very stable. Suitable for low airtime to occasional XC pilot. Contact Col 07791857984 email
hang gliders for sale

Selling my gliders: Aeros Stealth KPL2 vgc (high performance) £800 Airwave Pulse gc (beginner) £300 Woody Valley Cosmic harness vgc £500 07707 530092 , telephone: 07707 530092 , e-mail

Stealth hangglider

Moyes Rs4 Code Zero Carbon. Excellent condition with new wires, looks like new, handles and flies beautifully with the best glide of all the flex wings. Test fly then offer. Telephone: 07880 545672 , e-mail

ATOS VX tandem,
230kg MAUW, BHPA CofA, excellent condition, 2005, 200hrs £8000 o.n.o , telephone: 01892-529268 ,      e-mail

Aeros phantom rigid
as new, matrix sail all new wires - spare a frame - carbon zero drag keel just serviced Amazing handling also has rgv turbo £5750 Andy hollidge tel 07973 575258 TEL: 07973575258 E-MAIL

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paramotors and powered hang glider for sale

Parajet Volution Macro (2010 model), Gin Boost paraglider wing (Large)
w/paramotor risers, Gin One-G 42 metre reserve parachute. 26 hours flying time. Serviced at Parajet factory (4 miles away), £3900 , telephone: 01747854109 E-MAIL

Doodlebug mk 1 PHG harness, pull start, c.p. tuned exhaust, auto de-compressor, high efficiencey beech prop - £1400 ono, telephone: 01785 816306,   e-mail

Brand New MotoParaFly paramotor on Moster engine,74-78kg thrust!25HP pilot weight up to 140kg,helix prop,gear transmition.£3250 E-MAIL


equipment & accessories for sale

Charly best of Air harness and chute, hardly flown excellent condition. Charly Insider Helmet XL-62,Ozee Cyclone II Winter Flying Suit, telephone: 07855 301433

Airworthiness status for hang gliders and paragliders

All advertisements displayed above for the sale of new or used HANG GLIDERS and PARAGLIDERS should carry one of the three following clearly legible statements or no statement at all:

1. HANG GLIDERS: BHPA, DHV, or HGMA Certification (depending on the certification authority) - In this case each model and size of glider advertised must have this certification.

2. PARAGLIDERS: DHV/EN/LTF/SHV Certification - The glider offered for sale has this certification and carries a verification label to that effect. The certification classification must be stated, e.g: EN A, Standard, LTF 1/2, etc.

3. Registered - The glider has been previously registered under the BHPA Airworthiness Scheme and carries a verification label to that effect. (A new owner must apply to re-register it with the BHPA office.)

No statement - In the no statement case for both hang gliders and paragliders, it is implicit that no certification exists or that no certification status information has been supplied.
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