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November news

Carnet takes world paramotor speed records

On October 2nd Michel Carnet took advantage of strong winds at altitude at West Wittering on the Sussex coast to secure the world paramotor speed-over-a-50km circuit record. Michel climbed on full bar to reach a strong tailwind on the outward leg, returning at low level to clock 72.8km/h overall. Michel’s flight eclipses European Champion Juan Garcia De Abajo’s 2007 record of 65.4 km/h. The same flight also secured the speed-over-a-straight-15/25km-course record at 75.0km/h, exceeding Italian Raffaele Benetti’s 2009 record of 64.85km/h and Dean Eldridge's pending claim of 73.84km/h submitted in February. The machine used was a Nirvana Instinct under a Dudek Nucleon 25 wing. "Chasing world records is fun," reports Michel. "Planning is the most enjoyable part, but being opportunist is important too - you need to accept that many attempts will get you nowhere. Sometimes everything falls into place and you get a world record or two." Both record claims are subject to FAI for ratification. Our congratulations to Michel on his achievement.


Ozone experiment with single-surface proto

Ozone have built an experimental ultra-lightweight single-surface paraglider prototype. After four years of offering pilots the world’s lightest certified paragliders in the Ultralite series, they have taken the idea further with what they are calling the XXLite concept wing. The XXLite is a single-surface paraglider built with state-of-the-art lightweight materials. It is said to pack down small enough to fit into a waist-bag and weigh just 1.3kg in its 19m size. Ozone report that current prototypes of the XXLite “…are somewhat ‘special’ to fly, although the launch is the easiest we have ever seen.” The new wing, shown at the St Hilaire festival in September, was earlier seen under test at Ozone’s home site of Gourdon. It has an unbroken leading edge with no discernible cell entries; the leading edge serves as an undersurface for no more than 10% of the chord. Lines from three risers are attached via cascades to multiple triangular flare attachment points on the wing. Ozone say they have no plans to sell this wing to the public, but development will continue.



The Annual General Meeting of the BHPA will be held on Saturday March 3rd 2012 at the Belfry Hotel, Nottingham, starting at 11am. The AGM will include the election of the Association's Executive Committee (Exec), from which four current members will be standing down and seeking re-election. Any BHPA member considering seeking nomination for election should contact Chairman Martin Heywood or another Exec member to find out what’s involved, and contact the Office for the appropriate form. Completed nominations should arrive at the BHPA Office no later than Friday December 2nd.


It is hoped that members will take the time to turn up at Nottingham to hear how the Association's officers have been working on your behalf. You will be able to quiz Exec members on their record and put forward ideas for the future direction of the Association. Topics for discussion at the members' forum, held directly after the AGM, should be notified to the BHPA Chairman by February 1st. Voting papers and details of candidates, and the BHPA Treasurer's Report, will appear in the February issue of Skywings. The BGA AGM will take place at the same location on the same date. The Belfry is adjacent to Junction 26 of the M1.

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